„Svarīgi cilvēki, kurus satiekam un durvis, ko veram, durvis DEKOPIRS!”
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Double Door block

Dekopirs produces exclusive product in Latvian market - Double Door Block (wooden and metal door in one aisle).

Double Door block consists of:

  • metal door with various coatings
  • wooden doors from various wood materials
  • interior and exterior finishing 
  • good quality locks and complectation of door accessories

This door construction is able preserve the heat in the room and isolate it from exterior noises, as well as after installation of  this contruction the extra finishing  at door aisle is not required.

Dekopirs  will provide with full range of services starting from measurements of the aisle, projecting till complete installation.

Eventually you will be provided with high quality, security, heat and sound isolation door system, which will be serving you for many years and will make your home doors  exquisite and modern.

The model images you can find at the section:

Double Door Block models

Dekopirs creates various types of door blocks models, which can differ depending from metal door coatings and materials of wood doors used.