„Svarīgi cilvēki, kurus satiekam un durvis, ko veram, durvis DEKOPIRS!”
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Models of Double Door block

door block  "Brilliants" door block  "Astra Lux"

 door block "Dzintars"

This door block is supposed to be used as an exterior door at private house, where additional protection will be needed against the aggressive impact of the environment.

This door block is supposed to be used for the upper class kind of apartments, new built houses. As the metal door's finishing is made from precious kind of wood panels. Additionally the finishing of the metal doors can be matching with with the interior door's decoration or finishing.


This door block can be used as exterior door for the apartments, where the owner can decide whether he prefers to have wooden door as an exterior door and metal door with or without  wooden finishing as the interior door, which is prefect combination of safety and excellent aesthetic design. This option can hide  and protect valuable lock systems in the interior metal door.