„Svarīgi cilvēki, kurus satiekam un durvis, ko veram, durvis DEKOPIRS!”
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Stairs - a functional and structural element that provides vertical connections. The staircase consists of a number of steps. This is all you need to know about Stairs, our company will take care of the rest, taking into account your wishes.

We make stairs on individual sizes. The basis is a metal frame, then, at the request of the customer, steps (made of laminated wood or combined plywood with a laminate of precious woods).

Railings can also be metal (stainless steel, black painted metal), combined (steel with wooden handrails) or with decorative forgings.

Stairs in the interior: 




Bent stairs with two side supports.



Curved stairs.



Spiral stairs.



Metal base of stairs 




Stairs with one or two side support.




External and industrial staircases