„Svarīgi cilvēki, kurus satiekam un durvis, ko veram, durvis DEKOPIRS!”
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Models of wooden doors

DEKOPIRS   has deveoped different types of wooden door models, which are mainly coated with precious kinds of wood. Upon your needs and project the originl door model will be created, which might combine various types of coating, door accessories un decorative elements.

Below you can see various types of door models for creating your own ideas !

in the section Gallery  you can see  some examples already installed at the object.

  • LIVORNO (ozols)

  • AFINA (Balta krāsota)

  • DREZDEN (alksnis)

  • FOGGIA (balināts ozols)

  • VERONA (ar vitražu)

  • FORTALEZA (ozols)

  • BOLZANO (ozols)

  • DIANA (venge)

  • MODENA (makassar)

  • DIANA ST (koto)

  • ROMBO (osis)

  • TRENTO (ķirsis)

  • BBRESCIA (ozols)

  • TRENTO (bambusa)

  • MODENA (koto)

  • BRESCIA (40dB)