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About Us




Our company specializes in partition wall manufacturing out of wood, glass and steel. We provide solutions to complex reconstruction, space redevelopment in shopping centres and for rooms with special security requirements.

We develop workspaces and access systems (microchips, cards, key codes and “Master Key” door lock systems) for financial institutions, jewellery shops, currency exchange points and other areas of activity which require high privacy and security


We produce durable armoured furniture, as well as partition walls without using plasterboard with built in doors, showcases, counters and communications (sockets, lights, HDMI outputs, video surveillance, motion sensors, vibration and alarm signals).


We offer a range of professional services : 

  • Visiting the object and making precision measurements
  • Reconciliation and creation of project according to client's requirements 
  • Making a proposal
  • Production 
  • Installation work
  • Service in terms of guarantee validity and after it
  • Fingerprint Lock Door

  • Armoured Showcase

  • Armoured Counter