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Exterior Wooden Doors

In order for a door to be used as an exterior door, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Resistant to aggressive environmental factors (resistant to frost, moisture and direct sunlight)
  • Special construction
  • High-quality and moisture-resistant finish

For wooden exterior doors, the sash is thicker than for ordinary doors, it must be rebated and with sealing rubbers, treated with a special polyurethane varnish or oil. It should be noted that there must be a canopy above each wooden exterior door to protect them from direct water flow and direct sunlight.

        Koka Ārdurvis Petr I
Koka Ārdurvis Cēzars



Coating - stained plywood and polyurethane varnish.

 «Pīters I »


Coating - moisture-resistant MDF painted according to RAL catalog.



Coating - Oiled oak lamella