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Metal Doors

DekopirsPRO Metal Doors are made of 1.5 mm folded quality steel.

Doors can have different types of coatings and shades, but the construction elements are the same for all doors (sash, box, edging as needed).

Possible door coatings:

  • Priming or gluing of PVC (film)
  • Powder coating (according to RAL catalog)
  • Panel coatings (MDF with PVC, moisture-resistant plywood painted, laminate LKSP 10 mm, MDF painted, MDF with natural veneer tinted or varnished.)

Metal Door Models

LEGNO (Coating panels LAM 10 mm)

Fire resistant EI-30,45,60

LUXURY (Coating natural oak veneer)

NEPTUN (Exterior door coating MIF panels 10 mm)

BRILLIANT (Powder Coating)

HOT PIE (Coating panels 10 mm MDF + PVC)

BASIC (Coating film 1 mm)

CLASSIC (Coating painted MDF panels with fillers)