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Wooden Doors

DEKOPIRS PRO has developed various types of wooden doors, which are mostly covered with valuable wood veneer. By your choice, an original wooden door model will be developed, which will combine different types of coatings, fittings and decorative elements.

We offer high-quality wooden doors, because all models are made in our own factory, which, combining individual craftsmanship and experience, occupies a market leader position in the production of doors.

We produce several door models for private and public spaces: various wooden interior and exterior doors, sliding partitions, elegant glass doors, soundproof, high security doors.

The doors are made of high-quality wooden blanks. For interior doors we offer a design with a filling and / or with decorative glass elements. For exterior doors we offer to use insulated fillings, double-glazed windows (triplex, selective, decorative).
We mostly work with projects or sketches developed by clients, but you can also take a look at our catalogs.

Fittings that perform both decorative and protective functions play an important role in the choice of high-quality wooden doors. The fittings can highlight individual accents and significantly change the appearance of the door leaf. Wooden doors last longer if the appropriate fittings are added nad you need to pay attention to nuances in the choice of the components. High-quality wooden doors will fit into the unified style of the whole room, apartment or building.

  • LIVORNO (Oak)

  • DREZDEN (Alder)

  • AFINA (Bleached)

  • FOGGIA(Bleached oak)

  • VERONA(Stained g.)


  • BOLZANO (Oak)

  • DIANA (Venge)

  • MODENA (Makassar)

  • DIANA ST (Koto)

  • ROMBO (Eur. ash)

  • TRENTO (Cherry Tree)

  • BBRESCIA (Oak)

  • TRENTO (Bamboo)

  • MODENA (Koto)

  • BRESCIA (40dB)