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Stairs - constructive element that provides a vertical link. Stairs consist of several steps and railings. That's all you need to know about the stairs, our company will take care of the rest based on your wishes.

We produce each stair according to individual customer sizes. It is based on a metal construction. Stair steps according to the customer's wishes (glued solid wood, combined veneer with precious wood varieties coating (lamellas), metal)

Railings can be made of metal (stainless steel, painted ferrous metal), combined (iron railings with wooden lanterns) railings can also be filled with decorative forged elements.

Interior staircases: 



Curved staircase with two side beams:




Straight staircase:



Winding stairs:



Stairs with a metal frame:




Stairs with one, two side supports or "ZIG-ZAG" type supports:



External and industrial stairs::